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Our Salon & Spa Team in Tucson, AZ

Sandy Collins - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Dawn Stricker
If you had to put a title on Dawn Stricker, she is the manager/ salon coordinator. To Scissor Talk clients she is the always friendly voice on the other end of the phone, and the first one to welcome you through the door.

She comes to us with nearly 40 years experience in the beauty industry. Her career began as a cosmetologist, which makes her an excellent choice to find the right fit for you on your quest to find the perfect stylist.

Whether you need a lip color or a whole new skin care regime, Dawn's had extensive training on the product lines Scissor Talk carries. Whatever your needs may be, choosing a purse or getting the right size shoe or piece of clothing Dawn is there to help you.
Sandy Collins - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Sandy Collins
Sandy Collins is a Master stylist, colorist and has graduated from many of the highest accredited academies for coloring, cutting and styling. Sandy always takes into considerations the persons needs, desires and goals before she ever decides the cut or color to perform. She studies the face shape, strongest and weakest features and considers, "hair to be the frame on a picture". Coloring and shading hair can add height, width or narrowing of facial features.

Her love and passion for her business comes through with every client. She is innovative, talented and highly educated in her field. She has taught, color correction and technique. Due to her expertise and experience she has served as a judge on several different styling competitions.

Sandy gives thanks to all of her present loyal clients, and welcomes all future clients.
Sandy's newest adventure in life is LifeWave "Patches". These are non-transdermal patches, designed for energy, weight control, pain relief, anti-aging and sleep. Nothing enters the body. They simply send signals to the body, like acupuncture without the needles. Please visit her LifeWave web sites at www.donniesstory.com and www.lifewave.com/scollins.

Phyllis Ealy - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Phyllis Ealy
Scissor Talk boasts the estimable skills of Phyllis Ealy, Aesthetician. Phyllis is certified and licensed in the art and science of aesthetics and electrolysis. She is dedicated to the highest standards of sanitation and sterilization, procedural excellence, and client welfare.

Phyllis is well-known for her superior product line as well as her knowledge-base attained through years of experience. This combination enables her to customize treatment therapies for every skin-type need and sensitivity. She will find a solution to your particular cosmetic challenge at affordable, value-rich pricing.

Phyllis offers a variety of services you will appreciate.
Photo-Facials and LED Teeth Whitening are included.
Details are on her website.

Doreen Gould - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Doreen Gould
Doreen is a part of the Scissors Talk team. Doreen is confident in providing a wide range of styles, cuts and colors. Doreen is always furthering her education and has extensive training in smoothing treatments, products, color techniques, new cutting techniques and special occasions styles. This is the time that people want it all and she is ready to deliver just that.

" It feels good to know when my clients leave my chair they not only have the confidence of there new look, but the ability to recreate it." DOREEN

Matt Huett - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Matt Huett
Are you tired of the same look? Are you ready for a fun and trendy new haircut?

What are you dreaming of?

Come and see Matt at Scissor Talk. He is constantly studying the latest techniques to bring you fresh, new looks that will complement your personality and lifestyle. Whatever you want – from a basic haircut, a great color, or to go for something altogether new - you are sure to be pleased with Matt. As you would expect he uses top-quality products that provide excellence in hair care. Obtain that look of your dreams. Call for an appointment and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Patty LeCompte - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Patty LeCompte
Patty offers a wide range of services at Scissor Talk. What is most impressive is the comfort and relaxation she creates for each client. This is an environment where clients come not only for beauty boosts but for some lighthearted fun. It is one thing to be known as a premier stylist – yet another to go beyond. Patty does just that.

As an experienced member of the Scissor Talk team she is here to serve a very wide range of your beauty needs. She enjoys enhancing your total beauty and transforming you into the person you have always wanted to be. Call and arrange to meet Patty and get started with your beauty regimen today.
Cry Baby Mascara - http://crybabymascara.com/
Patty is a certified technician for a revolutionary new eyelash enhancement system like you have never seen before. Call Patty for details on this 2 week Semi-Permanent Mascara!
Amber McClanahan - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ

Amber's clients include a variety of wonderful people from Tucson. Amber chose to do hair as a way
of making people feel important. Looking good elevates a person's ability in every aspect of their life.

Quoting Amber: I realize my clients want more than a hair style and a great color. They want to know
how to look great every single day. I show them how to work with the style when they go home.

Amber is not just a hairstylist but an artist with a wide range of gifts and talents. She looks the part, is a
hard act to follow, and is happy to be on the Scissor Talk team!

Katie has been an esthetician for years but has recently undergone the intense training for Eyebrow Microblading. A full and natural eyebrow frames a person’s face, taking years off his or her appearance. The problem is that not everyone can achieve this look with Mother Nature alone. That’s where Katie comes in!

A semi-permanent form of tatooing, Microblading creates natural looking brows by mimicking the strokes of eyebrow hairs.

Clients are ecstatic with the results and their amazing transformation.

Sherry Kistler
Sherry Kistler is a nail technician with 27 years of experience. She has worked at Scissor Talk for 17 years and will take great care of the needs of your hands and feet. She has an artistic eye to colors, styles and the right product or enhancement for each individual. Also has thorough knowledge of oils, creams, and lotions that are the best for your skin. She uses a special cream on your feet that leave them feeling so soft it is breathtaking.

The utmost care is taken to give you the best manicure and pedicure experience in a clean and sanitary environment. A light massage at the end to release any tension and having you face the day rejuvenated. Break a nail the next day or between appointments? No worries, give her a call and it will be fixed right away.

She is happy and thankful for all the wonderful clients she has had through the years, both women and men. She is always looks forward to meeting new clients too. Come see the wonderful friendly atmosphere of Scissor Talk. You will see why Sherry is happy to be a part of the Scissor Talk team of outstanding professionals. Call or stop by for your nail care needs and you may stay for a lot more.
Sandy Collins - Beauty Salon in Tuczon, AZ
Kim Haesuk
Kim is and extraordinary hair stylist with 20 years experience that excels in many aspects of hair dressing. She is creative in her cutting and extremely knowledgeable in her color techniques. Kim exceeds all expectations in her work with hair extensions. She uses invisible, seamless, tape-in hair extensions, in which she completed a course from Bella Donna Hair. Kim also received her training for Magic Straight and hair relaxer experience in Korea. If you are looking for a new stylist, Kim is welcoming new clients.